"Brendan Croker is a genius."
William Whitesides, The Independent.

Brendan's passion for music spans over 30 years, five of which he spent as a songwriter in and out of Nashville. While he was there, before finally getting bored with the place, he wrote a multi-platinum song for Wynona Judd and lost $100 to Joe Ely in a dodgy game of pool. He's one of Britain's great bluesmen who, as a solo artist and with bands The Serious Offenders, The 5 O'Clock Shadows and The Notting Hillbillies, has recorded over a dozen albums.

Trying to describe 30 years of musical adventures is a pointless task, as the man himself says; "I don't describe what I do, I just do it". The bottom line is that he's a great musician, a superb singer and a damned fine fellow.

"… his marvellous voice; sometimes a howling Blues shout and other times a husky, gentle
roll your own … Don't be deceived by the determinedly uncomplicated Croker …
he's got deep roots...
" Mark Knopfler.


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