© Guy Flecher, All Rights Reserved

Hey, Mark, watch
your back!
Now where does
this one go ?
Worf plucking
Danny C
It did have six strings boss, honest!
MK on lap guitar ???
In full view
The loneliness of the long distance guitar player
Was it C or G ?
And he brushes those teeth five times a day!
All together now
Hoisting the rig
At the RAH
Its a minor diminished
- I think
I like this one.
Which tuning is this in ?
Now, let me see.
From the top.
Is the sun really bright ?
How much longer ??
Still, haven't found it!
Was that me ??
Who is that in the
backline ?
I got a new one!
mmm - now where did I put that new Pensa ?
Is gin and tonic a
bar chord ?
I don't know how
he does it
I can't find me brushes
You look great, that
colour suits you ...
... but not as much as this colour suits me!