Sailing To Philadelphia

last update 29/06/01

Mark's second solo album, Sailing To Philadelphia, was released on 25th September, 2000. Mercury Records informed MKNews that there had been a "hugely positive reaction within the record company to the new album."

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For various reasons - see faq page - there were three separate releases of Sailing To Philadelphia: the UK, the USA & Canada and the rest of the world.


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Fans in most countries were able to obtain an exclusive free interactive CD-ROM called Mark Knopfler: Past To Present when they purchased Sailing To Philadelphia. In the UK the CD had to be purchased from Woolworths Stores in order to get the CD-ROM which contains Sailing To Philadelphia, a biography, discography, photo gallery and the What It Is promotional video.

Fans in France buying the Sailing To Philadelphia album from Virgin record stores were able to obtain a free exclusive two-track CD containing Let's See You and Camerado.

VIDEO PRESS KIT: Mark made a video press kit, an approximately 35 minute documentary type programme tracing his life and career from the early days in Glasgow and Newcastle through to the heights of rock stardom. The documentary was filmed during June and July 2000 in Glasgow, Newcastle, Leeds and London. This was not available to fans and we have no information about when or if this will be shown in any particular country so get your VCRs ready! (14/07/2000)


The CD single What It Is (3.33) was available in some territories from September 4th 2000. It was not released in the US or in the UK. A video to accompany the single was filmed in Scotland at the end of June 2000.

In some countries, such as Holland, a 4-track maxi CD single was released containing What It Is (3.33), Let's See You (4.21), The Long Highway (3.46) and Camerado (2.58) (Cat No 5628852). Other countries had a two-track CD single containing What It Is (3.33) and The Long Highway (3.46) (Cat No 5628862).


A second CD single, an edited version of Sailing To Philadelphia, the title track from the STP album, was released in Europe (excluding UK) and some other territories from the 26th of February, 2001. There was a two track CD featuring Sailing To Philadelphia plus a live version of Going Home and a four track CD with Sailing To Philadelphia and live versions of Going Home, Baloney Again and El Macho. The live version of Going Home was recorded for Taratata TV Italy in November 2000 and the live versions of Baloney Again and El Macho were recorded at WDR2 studios Cologne in October 2000. No video was made to promote the second single. (26/02/2001)


A Chuck Ainlay edit of Silvertown Blues was released to radio only in June 2001. This radio edit was not put on general release (except in Holland and Belgium where a two-track CD single having Do America as the bonus track was released mid-June).

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