This is a small selection of the most frequently asked questions we receive at MKNews.

We do try to answer all genuine queries but sometimes fans make pretty unrealistic requests!

Is it possible to tour Mark's British Grove Studio?

There are no public tours of British Grove.

Why didn't you answer my question?

It is our policy to try to answer all genuine questions. There are usually two reasons emailed questions may go unanswered. Firstly, the answer is already on this page. Secondly, the information requested is already on the MKNews site or the question being asked has an obvious answer (e.g., where can I buy a copy of the Kill To Get Crimson CD ? Yes, we really do occasionally get mail asking this kind of question).

Can you arrange for me, my dad, my my mum, brother, sister, cousin, friend, etc, to have a backstage pass/join a meet 'n greet/meet Mark?

MKNews does not arrange backstage passes or include people in meet ‘n greet sessions. When they take place, meet ‘n greets are usually organised by record companies in various territories. MKNews does not make arrangements for fans to meet Mark. Please note, we do not reply to email asking about backstage passes/meet ‘n greets or requests to arrange a meet with Mark.

Could you please forward this message, letter, etc, to Mark Knopfler?

MKNews does not forward letters/messages/requests to Mark Knopfler and we cannot put you in direct contact with MK.

Can you tell me Mark Knopfler's address, email, telephone number, etc, etc....which hotel will Mark be staying in when he visits?

MKNews does not give out this kind of information.

Please can you arrange it for me to play my guitar on stage with Mark Knopfler ? I/my band has recorded a CD, demo tape......I have written a filmscript, poem, song, etc. Can you pass it on to Mark Knopfler as I would love him to hear it, score it, read it, play it, sing it.....

MKNews cannot arrange these sort of things..

Please will Mark Knopfler come to tea, lunch, dinner, my party, my wedding, etc, etc?

MKNews is unable to pass on such requests.

Please can you send me a signed photograph of Mark Knopfler?

MKNews does not keep a stock of autographed photographs. Please note: we do not forward or pass on such requests.

How come I can sometimes find info on the internet before its put online on MKNews or mk.com?

There are occasions when info appears on the web before it is online on MKNews and mk.com. Often this info may have been released by record companies and will be correct but equally it is often put online by less reliable sources such as websites wanting you to pre-order items from them. Such info can be unreliable, inaccurate and, in some instances we have seen, completely false. Info is not put online on MKNews or mk.com until it has been confirmed and approved for distribution by PCM. This means that there may sometimes be a time lag between something appearing on the web and it being put online on MKNews or mk.com but info published on MKNews and mk.com will always be accurate and reliable.

Will there be a TAB/Chord book for the Shangri-La and/or Kill to Get Crimson album?

The publishers have decided not to produce a TAB/Chord book for these albums.

Is it true that Mark Knopfler, Dire Straits, etc, will be playing a concert in/with....when will Mark Knopfler/Dire Straits be playing in.....

We get large numbers of e-mails asking this type of question and the answer is always the same. All concerts and tour dates will be on-line on MKNews as soon the information becomes available. MKNews does not deal in rumour or speculation, it aims to provide an accurate and reliable service for fans.

I heard on radio, TV, read in a music magazine.....that Dire Straits, The Notting Hillbillies, Mark Knopfler is going to release a new album........is it true?

Information regarding the release of albums etc will be on-line on MKNews as soon the information becomes available. MKNews does not deal in rumour or speculation, it aims to provide an accurate service for fans.

Mark was on radio/TV last night but there was nothing about it on MKNews, why not?

Unless it is a live broadcast, we often have no idea when a recorded interview etc by MK will be broadcast. We advise you to keep an eye on TV/radio listings to find out the exact dates and times of broadcasts.

Which album features the track Pyroman?

Pyroman is not featured on any album, it is an unreleased song which did not make it onto the STP album.

Why was my message removed from the MKNews Forum?

MKNews Forum is a free service for fans. However, it is a moderated forum and we reserve the right to remove any messages which are felt to be inappropriate for this web site.

What are the other members/former members of Dire Straits doing?

We can only provide the answer to this kind of question as information is made available and then we will normally post such information on the Latest News page. David Knopfler has his own career as a solo artist. Alan Clark does quite a lot of TV music. Hal is very busy with a packed calendar scoring for films and some television, and he has various instrumental tracks on physical release and iTunes. Occasionally, he plays a gig or two with Johnny Hallyday. Pick Withers sometimes drums with the Dave Kelly Band. Jack Sonni lives in L.A. and sometimes gigs at his local pub with his mates. John Illsley has his own band and has released a number of solo albums.

Where can I obtain a copy of Metroland, Wag The Dog, the Sultans of Swing compilation album/video, the Music for Montserrat video, the video of the last Dire Straits in concert in Sydney in '86, bootlegs, this, that and the other, etc, etc....

We do not keep stocks of albums, CDs, videos, etc, at MKNews. Most of these items can be obtained from major high street retailers. If you are having difficulty try http://www.towereurope.com. You can browse through our links page to try to find someone who can help. You could also try the auctions held at www.ebay.com www.yahoo.com and www.whatamibid.com and you could also browse the auctions and zShops at www.amazon.com as many of the items we are asked about often appear in their lists. Remember when using the zShops to click add UK and German listing as many of the most commonly sought after items (e.g., Cannibals CD single, Comfort & Joy, Twisitng By The Pool EP, etc) are in the UK list. If you are having real difficulty finding an item try putting a post on the relevant section of the MKNews Forum.

Are there any web sites which give the TAB/chords/words to MK/DS songs?

Use the link on the main news page for MK and DS TAB Books, Chord Books , Lyrics, etc. If you still can’t find what you are looking for try going through the links to web sites on our links page as many fans include lyrics/tab on their homepages.

It is true that Mark Knopfler contributed to an album by Vince Gill, Bryan Ferry, etc, etc....

It is not always easy to find the answer to this sort of question. If Mark has made contributions this will normally be credited on the album in question. He has sometimes collaborated with various artistes but is not necessarily featured on their albums. Fans asking this sort of question may have to wait a long time for a reply. Oh, Vince Gill ? No, Mark has not played on any of Vince’s albums – that’s official!

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Material published on this web site is subject to copyright.

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